Movement in May 2019

About Movement in May

Join Dr. J’s Holistic Health & Wellness for our first ever fitness event. Movement in May is aimed to get us moving. Calvin Gant shares weekly videos to guide you in getting more movement in, while Angela Henry-Bentley shares a wealth of fitness information as our first guest on The Wellness Way with Dr. J podcast.  Exercises will be basic level so that anyone of all ages and conditions can participate ιστολόγιο.

Want to be a part of this great event? Register for the Health Forum or simply login if you are already a member. Valued at $199 this online fitness program is absolutely FREE to you. Simply sign up to join us.


Meet the Movement in May Experts

Angela Henry, M.Ed. is an author, health and physical education teacher, coach, and public speaker in Florida. She holds a master’s degree in education from Nova Southeastern University. She has earned certifications in plant-based cooking, fitness training, jump rope instructing, and as a weight management specialist.  Inspiring and educating others on how to eat plant-based and live actively is her mission. Her published book, “How To Eat Plant Based like a Boss,” is her guide to the world on how to make eating plant-based (as possible) a lifestyle that can transform overall health. She is thankful for every opportunity to share her story, her plant-based tips, and healthy lifestyle strategies with others and is excited to share with you this month. Check out what she shared on The Wellness Way with Dr. J Podcast on Spotify and share your thoughts and questions below in the comment section.  You can follow and contact Angela on social media at:




Calvin Gant Jr. is a certified personal trainer who focuses on helping people meet their specific fitness goals. As a former Professional CFL, Arena football player, he has over 7 years experience and broad educational base training. With a professional sports background Calvin specializes in weight loss, toning and sports performance training. Elite 24 Fitness is confident in designing an elite program for you that can achieve lasting and satisfying results. Calvin Gant is a beast in the gym but do not worry he has created custom basic level videos especially for you. Register or login to the Health Forum to gain access to Calvin’s videos especially Dr. J’s Holistic Health & Wellness. You can follow and contact Calvin for training at:
Instagram: @mrgant24 
Facebook: CalvinGant Jr





Dr. Catherine Jackson or Dr. J as she prefers to be called is America’s #1 Brain Psychologist. She has been featured in Prevention, Healthline, Bustle, Romper, and many other media sources. Dr. J earned her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology along with a certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also a Board Certified Neurotherapist and Board Certificated Coach.  Throughout the month of May, she is excited to provide FREE group health coaching in the Health Forum.  You can follow and contact Dr. J on social media at:

Twitter: @DrCCJackson
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Dr. Catherine Jackson a licensed psychologist and is certified in neurotherapy, telemental health and health coaching. She lives and promotes alignment and holistic wellness. She is known as "America's #1 Brain Psychologist™" as her passion is providing ways to rewire and reshape the brain, incorporating holistic health and wellness.

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