Mantras for a More Positive Mind

Now that you have read The Beginner’s Guide to Mantras blog let’s practice those suggestions with some positive mind mantras. Start pushing out old or negative thoughts so that you can make room in your mind for new ideas and positive thoughts. Here are seven mantras to help you begin to positively transform your thinking.

 1.  I Change My Thoughts to Change My World

Your thoughts are a blueprint that guides your mood and behavior for the day. Today, notice what your thoughts are about and how they make you feel. Are you judging or putting down others? Judging or putting down yourself? Gripping all day about things, people or situations?  Observe your thoughts, focus more on the positive and look for the best in others and yourself. After doing this pay attention to how you feel? Notice any changes in your mood and/or behaviors?

2.  When I Forgive I Heal. When I Let Go I Grow.

Think about things you need to let go of. Begin to let go of poor decisions, bad habits, troubles, etc. in order to begin healing. Holding on to such things will only hinder moving forward and stifle your growth. See them floating away like balloons released in the wide open sky.

Now think about the people you need to forgive which may include forgiving yourself. Sometimes the hardest person to for us to forgive is yourselves. Lack of self-forgiveness keeps us bound in a cycle of thinking and behaving the same way over and over again because we do not believe we deserve better or more. Forgive yourself and move on.

While forgiving others may be easier than forgiving ourselves it doesn’t mean it’s easy. However, it’s important to do so to decrease experiencing the negative impact of it (and usually while the other person has moved on with their life).  Holding on to anger and resentment only hurts you. Free yourself from this bondage. Forgive others and move forward.


3.  I Will Feel the Fear and Move Forward Anyway

The best way to kick fear is with massive action. Fear (of success, the unknown, loss, the unpredictable, the future, etc.) is often paralyzing. But when we push through it rather than avoid it, growth and change occur. It will also make you stronger and less fearful the more you do it.

4.  I Am a Warrior, Not a Worrier

When has worrying ever helped a situation? Worrying causes distress and can lead to chronic stress and illness. Worrying is particularly detrimental to health when it becomes irrational. Instead of worrying, accept that some things are simply out of your control and/or think of times when you successfully got through situations. Draw on those experiences to help you get through other worrisome times in your life.  The mind is a powerful thing. It can help you or deter you from what you want. The mind can play out your biggest fears or create your wildest dreams. Use your mind to help rather than hurt you.


5.  I Chose Purpose Over Perfection

The pursuit of perfection is really a disguise for insecurity. It’s a statement that you are not good enough as you are and you judge yourself. There is no such thing as perfection for us humans but the closest thing is the ability to be fully present. Without any distracting thoughts measuring or grading yourself, you’re free to really be in the moment. Forget perfect! And focus on the purpose and what really matters.


6.  I Am Grateful for All That is in My Life and All that is to Come. 

Want to focus on what makes you happy, live a life of intention, focus, and awareness? Want to live longer,  experience more joy, be more compassionate, express more love, respect, and generosity? Practicing gratitude (gratefulness) is exactly how these and much more are accomplished. Don’t waste another moment. Begin practicing gratitude now. Can’t think of anything to be grateful for? How about starting that breathe you just took, and that one and that one…

7.  I Can and I Will

“I can” recognizes what is possible and “I will” takes responsibility for living. Believe in yourself and in your God-given abilities. What you tell yourself and what you think, affects how you feel and everything you do. Afterall, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” – Henry Ford.  

Try out one or all of these and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.


Healthy Brain. Healthy Body. Happy Life.

Dr. J!

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