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First of all, welcome to the Holistic Forum. This is an interactive online space.  As a result of a need for flexibility,  this forum was created. Consequently, the forum will provide a place for support, encouragement, and accountability for health goals. Instead of taking a health journey alone, join us. Hence, the holistic forum is the place where you can have a discussion about various health and wellness topics.

So, join now! First, register. Then, you are all set to participate in our online events and discussions. Next, invite family and friends to join. Because the more the merrier. Furthermore, interact with the everyone. Subsequently, you will learn from Dr. J and other members. Also, you will gain support and encouragement. Finally, login often and and ask all the questions you wish.

But wait!! Before you participate in any activity, be sure to read a few words about the Forum Guidelines.  After reading the guidelines things will run smoother. Therefore, everyone will have a great online experience.

In summary, here’s what you do. First, register. Second, invite others to join. Third, be sure to read the guidelines. Afterwards, login often.  Next, interact with others. Then, share information. Also, ask as many questions as you like. Most importantly, enjoy and have fun.

Green Smoothie Challenge

The purpose of the 10-Day Green Smoothie challenge is a get the brain and body back on track. Green smoothies have a wealth of benefits to both the body AND the brain. Consuming more vegetables, increasing nutrient intake, healthy heart and bones, improving the immune system and digestion, increased energy and glowing skin to name a few.
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