April Service Day 

You are registering to volunteer to make mats for the homeless in April of this year

About Mats for the Homeless

Mats for the homeless have a dual purpose:

  1. Making life a little nicer for people who are homeless and don’t have a mattress and
  2.  Recycling plastic bags that are otherwise thrown in the trash and end up in landfills. You can help us in two ways:
    • First save plastic bags you get when you shop and recycle them by donating them to us to make mats.  You may  contact us to donate bags if you are unable to volunteer.
    • Then, volunteer to help with the ongoing Mats for the Homeless project. We need 10 volunteers for April.


Please complete the required (*) fields below. Provide your full first and last name. No shortened version or your name or nick names please.  Your name must match your name on your ID. You may also provide your t-shirt size and meal choice, both optional. A bag lunch will be provided to all volunteers at the end of the event. Please, be sure to read the Terms & Conditions thoroughly.

Your registration is complete when you see the following message: April Service Day Volunteer Registration Submitted after filling out all required fields and clicking the submit button.  Registered volunteers, please check your email one week before the event for additional details pertaining to the actual day of service. These details are only provided to registered volunteers. You may also receive a reminder email and text message prior to the start of the event.


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